25 Things You Don’t Know About Tiffany…

1. No matter what time of the day it is, my 1st meal HAS to be BREAKFAST!

2. I used to be terrified of Wigs!  Now I wear them all the damn time. If you can’t beat ’em, Join ’em!

3. The first job ever: making pancake batter at the KOA (Kampgrounds of America) for the Sunday Brunch.  First job in college: Dishwasher at my Sorority House.

4. I always buy sneakers from the kids section…too funky, too fresh!

5. I LOVE PIGS, but CAN NOT STAND Miss Piggy! Ugh

6. I go in the 10 item or less line with 12 items… #Sorry

7. I am ADDICTED to Macaroni & Cheese!

8. I’ll have a Grande Unsweetened Coconut Milk Green Tea Latte Extra Hot NO Foam Please…

9. In high school I won Best Dancer, Prettiest Eyes, & Best Smile…They would only let me keep 2 of them in the yearbook…I’m totally NOT still upset about it.

10.  I have two middle names and my sister and I share the same initials… TMND! Tiffany Michelle Nicole & Tegan Monique Noelle. I think she won!

11. I was the host of the Toronto Rapters and Los Angeles Laker game that Kobe scored 81 points!

12. I make lists for EVERYTHING, I make lists for my lists! #OCDmuch

13. I buy books and never read them.

14. My BIGGEST pet peeve’s are Slurping, Chomping, Swallowing Loud, and Chewing with your mouth open! #GROSS

15. If I could transport myself back to the 1950’s for the Fashion, Music, & The Enchantment Under the Sea Dance…I would do it in a heartbeat.

16. I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality.

17. I was voted by my Senior Class at Cornell to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with my degree except hang it on the wall. #MomImGonnaBeAStar

18. In High School I had clear braces with different color rubber bands around them that I would coincidentally change with the upcoming holiday theme colors! (The Clear was Clearly Pointless)

19. I organize my organization! Neatfreak Nation.  I am willing to be 10 minutes late to make sure that my dishes are done.  I know…it’s bad!

20. I only have 4 stamps on my passport. #Sadface

21. I used to pray every night when I was a little kid to wake up with Evie’s power to freeze time with her fingertips. #TBT #OutOfThisWorld

22. I have to have a waffle at least once a week.

23. I can pull my belly button out.  #GROSS but a MUST SEE!

24. Every tattoo I have, I have gotten with someone else.  It tells a bit of my story…Unfortunately I don’t speak with at least half of these tattoos anymore. #DAMMIT

25.  One day while I was at the gym, I ran into the guy who won the 1st place to my 2nd in the 50’s costume contest at my ELEMENTARY school…We got MAD BEEF son!  I almost couldn’t hold it together…but we are cool now. We totally follow each other on Insta!