Oct 172013

There is a young man that has blessed my life in more ways than one!  When Todrick Hall, the genius behind many viral videos such as Beauty and the Beat, The Wizard of Ahhhs, and SO many more asks you to be the LEAD in his next video project…you say YES and this is what happens.  Cinderonce is Born! The black Cinderella story told solely through the music of Beyonce.  It is nothing short of a masterpiece and Todrick Hall has done it once again.  We were featured on Perez Hilton, E! Online, Entertainment Weekly, the front page of YAHOO, and wait for it….BEYONCE’s website as well.  With over 1,100,000 views and rising…I present to you the magic of Cinderonce…starring yours truly! Enjoy…

Oct 172013

Lucky Me, Lucky Me…I made an INCREDIBLE television appearance for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2013

I enthusiastically became the representative for Benefit Cosmetics during Fashion Week in New York City this year.  This beautifully packaged cosmetic line is launching their REALvolution, and I couldn’t be more excited to help promote it.  Benefit Cosmetics is all about enhancing the natural beauty that lies within us all!  No need for falsies, fakes, or faux!  It’s time to get REAL!  I, along with my dear friend J.T. Horenstein choreographed a pink sequin crusade of girls in a LASH MOB outside of Lincoln Center.  During rehearsals I was personally selected by the Benefit marketing team to be the center point of the dance piece as well as be their on camera representative for the interview with Fashion Polices’ George Kotsiopoulos and Shake it Ups’ Bella Thorne!

E! Fashion Police NYFW

E! Fashion Police NYFW

Check out the LASH MOB here…


May 202013

…even Stand Up Comedy!
Ok guys…so a while back I decided to take a stand up comedy class, not because I have decided to make a career move or anything…but simply to know what that feels like to make people laugh on command. GO! I have been on stage many times, but for some reason this really felt like I was slowly fading into a black abyss of WHO KNOWS WHAT?!?! I spent weeks gathering material and trying to understand the true meaning of a punch line, and for my VERY 1st Set…its not half bad. There are a million things I wish I would have done differently, but none-the-less…I did IT. Which is more than a lot of people can say. Watch, but don’t judge. Laugh as you please, but please just know that #ImNotFunny.

Warning…This is Rated R material

May 172013

Well…I know what you are thinking, but no it wasn’t MY wedding proposal! I did have the pleasure of being a part of what might be THE most elaborate, off the wall proposal I have ever seen. I believe I was in the make up chair for about 3 hours preparing for my 1st CO STAR role on the WB’s “HART OF DIXIE” playing the one and ONLY Zombie #5. We are really moving up in the world people. This was an amazing evening on set and I even got some camera time too. See if you can find me…

Jan 022013

I can’t believe 2013 has finally arrived!  If you haven’t set your resolutions or intentions for the year yet, be sure to add this one to the list…LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!  Love yourself like no one has loved you before and watch what the year brings!

I had time to make one more dream come true before 2012 was over.  I performed with Demi Lovato AND Adam Lambert at the vh1 DIVAS LIVE concert.  Check out my performance with DEMI and ADAM!!!