Dec 172015

Been a busy little bee in 2015!

It’s the middle of December. We are one day away from the agencies, casting offices, studios, and productions shutting down for the holidays.  It’s the quietest time of the year in Los Angeles.

I had, what I believe to be my final callback of the year yesterday…which I totally felt like I BOMBED! Followed by my last day on set with CSI:Cyber as Karen Carter! This year has just been a complete 180 from my journey in 2014. Im so grateful for it all, but I have also become such a realist and I know not to have too many expectations in this business. It is a gradual climb, and there is no guarantee that just cause you may take a few steps forward…you never know when a couple steps back are right around the corner.

But I take each opportunity for what it is…and then I leave it alone. I am a completely different person after this year. I’m a completely different actor, and an unrecognizable auditioner!
Every day, I just keep going. Every day I remind myself that I haven’t failed until I stop trying.Every day I realize that there is nothing in the world that makes me happier then storytelling. There is no place I would rather be. This is a scary time that we are living in…let me hide amongst the stars!

Here are a few moments from the gigs that I have worked on this year:
– American Crime Story on FOX
– Grandfathered on CBS
– Scorpion on CBS
– Dice on Showtime
– CSI:Cyber on CBS
– National Commercials for Wal Mart & Cox Communications
– LA LA Land Feature Film

ScorpionAmerican Crime Story HoldingWalmart 2015LA LA LAND Traffic

CSI:Cyber Blue ScriptGrandfatheredDice Director's SlateCox Communications Commerical