Mar 112016

2015 and 2016 have so far been my most successful years as an Actor here in Hollywood.  I have booked a good handful of roles on some AMAZING television shows, and I live in full gratitude every day that I am surrounded by a wonderful team of people helping me to achieve my dreams and goals.

It is interesting though that most people outside of the industry don’t have a real understanding of what it takes and the process an actor must go through for even just ONE LINE of dialogue on television.  There are SO many actors in LA fighting just to be seen.  Thousands being submitted for the smallest speaking role one can be given in TV; the CO STAR! Casting has only so much time in the day to audition people for such small roles so IF you are lucky, you may be of the 25-30 people that actually  get called in to the casting office.  From there, IF you have the look, skin tone, hair, height etc. that sync’s with the show/scene/role in question…multiple actors get “Pinned”.  Being Pinned is basically being put on hold. So now you have gone from being 1 of thousands, to 1 of 30, to 1 of 3…literally waiting on PINS (see what I did there) and needles wondering if you will be the CHOSEN ONE!!! But my friends…it doesn’t stop there.

So we Book the Job!  YAY!  We are now 1 of 1! Dreams are becoming realities.  We are starting to convince our families that we aren’t so crazy after all…we are “making it in LA”!  I have been chosen by Hollywood itself to say the line ” Can I get you some more water?”  LOL!  We over-rehearse our LINE at home, with friends, in our trailer on set, so it’s absolutely perfect!  We nailed it!  #MomImGonnaBeAStar

Then months later when it is finally time for the episode to air…we cross every finger we have, maybe even our toes.  Do we invite everyone over to the studio apartment for a viewing party? Tonight is the night…Im gonna be on TV!  Or am I?  Did I make it past the editing room floor?  Was my role so insignificant that they were able to snip it out without even a breathe of hesitation?  Did I put too much emphasis on the word WATER?  Did I outshine the LEAD actor in the scene with my debonair Waiter Walk? Do they hate me?  Ahhhhh!!!  It’s all too much to take, (she sighs into her wrist like Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard).

But yes, this time…we made the cut!  It might just be the back of my head, or for my entire line the camera is on the OTHER actor that I am speaking to..but I am IN there.  I have officially been inducted to the Hollywood RESIDUAL INCOME society!  Im getting a check for that one line…and Im getting a check EVERY time that line graces your television screens!  We gotta start somewhere kids!  #OneLineAtATime


Couple Screen shots from my time on American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson!  I have NEVER been more happy to make the cut then on this episode!  This show is EPIC for my generation!  We are reliving a piece of our OWN history right now, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it!

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