May 042015
an AFI thesis presentation

The Cast of Adé

Just wrapped on Adé, a new AFI thesis film that I am so proud to be a part of! In the midst of all my SoulCycling and search for new representation I found a breakdown online that was calling my name. An amazing character named Brenda, recently released from the hospital after being diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. She has a two year old son named Ade, and is separated from her husband Manny. On a mission to bring her family back together, we watch Brenda travel through the stages of her manic depressive episodes and fight for Love.

Brenda: Tiffany Daniels

Manny: Gary Lawson

Ade: Percy Daggs IV

Directed/Written by: Marques Green

Produced by: Andrew Schwartz

Oct 172013

…the American release of my first feature film ” Make Your Move 3D” formally known as COBU 3D.  Its crazy to think that my lil face is gonna be ALL UP IN YOURS- 3D style!  We filmed this project 2.5 years ago…but we are coming to a theatre near you in just a few short months.  In the mean time, I found this awesome poster online!  Is that lil ‘ol me on a MOVIE POSTER?!?!  Why, yes it is!  Come on…I get a couple cool points for that right?

Make Your Move 3D